How You Know You’ve Found the Perfect Book

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

You’re searching through the bookstore, taking a look around, thinking you won’t buy anything.

Then, a book catches your eye. You were drawn to it because of its cover and title.

You grab it and read the description. ‘It’s worth a shot,’ you think, so you buy it and put it on your bookshelf. Later that day, you decide to start reading it.

Then, out of the blue, it’s over. Sadness flows through you. You’ll never get to see the characters again, and even if you reread it, it won’t be the same. There are no more surprises.

You sit there with the book in your hands, remembering the adventures, trying to come back to reality.

Eventually, the emptiness fades away. But that book will always have a place in your heart.

#1: It Grabs Your Attention Immediately.

It doesn’t take long before you are fully invested in reading the book. You’re only focused on the words on the page, and the world around you seems to disappear.

Maybe you fell in love with it since the first sentence. Your mind can’t engage in anything else except for this amazing story.

#2: There’s NO Way You’re Stopping.

How long has it been since you’ve eaten? And weren’t you planning on running all of your errands today? What about going to the gym?

None of this seems to matter when you’ve found the perfect book.

The book draws you in, as if it were magic. You just keep turning the pages.

You even make plans to stop, ‘right after you finish this chapter,’ or ‘after you’re done this page’. But something big happens in the story, and you just need to know the outcome.

#3: What Time is it Again?

Time begins to fly really fast.

You were so sure that it was only 12:00 pm, but all of the sudden when you look at the clock, it’s 2:00 pm.

But you just shrug your shoulders and keep going.

#4: It’s Always On Your Mind.

You finally decide to get up and go do something productive with your day.

But no matter what you do, you can’t shake the book from your mind.

You keep trying to predict what will happen next, while you’re at work or at school. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, questions and answers are always forming in the back of your mind.

#5: You Slow Down.

You’ve been trying to get through the book for so long now. But then you realize you’re on the last few pages.

So you begin to read slower. You savor this moment, where you still don’t know what will happen, where you can still enjoy the characters’ company.

And then it’s over. Now what will you do?

#6: Remembering the Good Times.

The book is over. You reread the last sentence, and then slowly close it.

You sit in the same spot, staring into space.

When will you ever find a book as good as this one? Will there ever be another good book out there?

Life begins to feel really boring at this point.

All of the memories come back to you now. Your favorite parts of the story, times when the book had a big twist or reveal, which characters you liked the most…

If you have a favorite book, then you’ve probably gone through some, if not all, of these stages.

Finding a perfect book can give you a new perspective on how you live your life, and even change you for the better.

I’ve learned a lot of things from reading, and wouldn’t be the person I am today without the guidance of the characters that I aspire to be.


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