7 Ways to Stay Calm During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By now, we all know about the infectious COVID-19 outbreak that’s spreading across the world. Everyone is in a state of panic, and have a right to be worried about how this will affect our society.

Schools are taking breaks, Disneyland is closed, and even entire countries are shutting down. This disease is taking a toll on the entire world.

Though this disease is nerve wracking to think about, it’s important to take care of ourselves by staying calm, healthy and happy.

Where do I start, you ask? Here are some ways for you to keep your mind and body relaxed, as well as keeping up with your social life.

#1: Don’t Take More Than You Need.

To support each other, we need to make sure that everyone is getting what they need to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This means that you shouldn’t take more necessities than you need to help you and your family.

Make sure you get enough hygiene products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and shower products, but don’t overload your cart with unnecessary extra items.

When you take more than you need, you are keeping others from staying healthy. If everyone isn’t able to stay hygienic during this time, it can lead to more spread within your community. Thinking about others as well as yourself in this situation is important.

#2: Help Others.

There are a lot of different ways you can help people at home or in your neighborhood.

Do your neighbors need supplies and are unable to get them themselves? Ask what they need, and go get it for them.

Is your younger sibling nervous? bored? Spend time with them and help them feel safe at home.

Make sure you and your family all feel safe and are taking care of yourselves, and remember to keep in touch with friends if they need someone to talk to, as well.

Be there to help and support people when they need it, even if they just want to talk.

#3: Continue Healthy Habits.

Don’t, I repeat, don’t, ignore your health. Find ways to exercise and keep your body healthy.

Go outside for a run if it’s safe, eat healthy meals, and drink enough water. If you have a treadmill or any other exercising equipment at home, be sure to take advantage of it and use it.

Watch and follow along with fitness videos online, do your daily workout routine if you have one, and save those chips that you’ve been eyeing for later.

#4: Keep Up With Hygiene.

I can’t stress this enough; Stay. Hygienic.

Wash your hands. And by wash your hands, I mean wash your hands. Do it often, as well.

Take regular showers, always use hand-sanitizer in public if you’re around a lot of people, and avoid close contact with strangers or people who were recently in a large crowd.

If you are showing multiple symptoms of the virus (Runny nose, fever, coughing, etc.) be sure to follow the instructions of your area’s health authorities.

#5: Calming Your Mind.

Staying calm and level-headed is essential in situations like these.

Try meditating if you haven’t already. I try to meditate at least a few times a week, and have noticed that it’s helped calm my anxiety significantly.

Do yoga exercises every day to reduce stress levels. Listen to calming music. Smell candles. Get some time in for instrument practice. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy.

#6: Go Online.

Stay connected by going online to see what’s happening in your community, and to keep you entertained.

Look through the latest news. I know that you wouldn’t expect me to say this, since this may lead to a build-up of worry, but you should stay up-to-date with what’s going on in your area.

Knowing what’s happening will help you plan, prevent, and protect yourself. Plus, it will make you feel more in-touch with the world, especially if your area is shut down.

Do what you normally do online. Go on social media, look through the news, and keep posting on your blog if you have one.

If you don’t have a blog, it would probably be a fun experience to start one! I’ve felt that blogging reduces my stress, since I’m finding ways to share my thoughts and interests with other like-minded people.

#7: Stay Entertained.

It may seem like there isn’t much to do to stay entertained at home at first glance, especially if you’re used to going out.

In reality, there’s actually a lot of things you can do.

  • Read. I’ve just started reading the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, so I’ll definitely have something to read for the time being.
  • Board Games. A good way to spend time with your family is to play board games with them.
  • Video Games. If you enjoy video games like I do, then you’ve probably already been doing this a lot, so not much will change.
  • Movies/TV Shows. Bring out your favorite movies and TV shows as something to watch with your family and friends.
    • If you’re looking for a TV series to watch, then I here are my favorite recommendations that I’ve watched on Netflix for you to look into (if you haven’t watched them already):
    • Sherlock (BBC) for mystery lovers.
    • Gilmore Girls if you enjoy drama and comedy, and are willing to risk crying of happy-ness.
    • The Office; be ready to cringe, cry, and laugh within the span of one episode.
    • Stranger Things, to add a nice touch of action and horror to your day.
    • Glee for the music geeks and aspiring singers.
  • Hobbies. Create a painting of your emotions. Write about the newest drama. Bake delicious cookies for your family. Continue doing your favorite hobbies.
  • Socialize. Keep in touch with your friends and relatives through social media, and call or text them whenever you want to talk.

Be sure to continue life as normally as possible, even if you have to do it inside your house or area. Don’t forget to stay calm, stay safe, and wash your hands.


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