6 Fun Ways to Sort Out Your Bookshelf

Is your bookshelf looking a little boring these days?

There are many different and easy ways to have an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf for your Pinterest-worthy room!

#1: By Author

By far the most used, yet most boring, form of sorting books, is sorting by author!

Sorting books out by author is used by libraries and most book stores, and is the most efficient way to locate books (If you can remember the name of the author, that is) because all of the books in a series can be put next to each other.

It’s good to sort your books out like this if you have a large bookshelf, and have trouble locating the books easily.

#2: Alphabetically by Title

This is another good way to sort books if you have a large bookshelf.

If you have trouble remembering the author, you’ll find it easier to locate the book you’re looking for if they’re sorted by title.

However, you won’t be able to put books in a series together, since their titles start with different letters, which can be unfortunate.

#3: Sorted by Colour

This is a really fun way to organize your books!

Sort out your books by colour of the cover, so that they are in rainbow order when put on your bookshelf.

From reds to blues to browns to whites, they’ll all be sorted in a colourful and appealing pattern.

If your books have more than one prominent colour on the cover, either just sort it by the most space taken up by a colour, or have a special section for multi-coloured covers.

#4: Unique and Fun

Stacking books on top of one another, making some face forward, and putting decor on your shelves are all great ways to make them look fun!

Horizontally, vertically, and diagonally organized books make your shelves look more unique than just having books lined up next to each other.

You can also add bits of decor or knick-knacks along your shelves next to and in front of your books to add a unique touch of colour.

#5: Sorted by Genre

Sorting books by genre can easily separate your dystopian sci-fi books from your unrelated romance or horror books, and can lead to a nice, neat and organized looking bookshelf.

I prefer this method myself because my bookshelf isn’t that big.

All of my classics, fantasy, dystopian, and non-fiction books are separated into different parts of my shelf.

#6: Hardcover and Paperback

I use this method on my shelf, as well!

Put all of your hardcover and paperbacks on different parts of your bookshelf to give it a clean and interesting look.

This way of sorting out books that’s appealing to the eye, since all of the smaller and larger books are separated from each other.

There are so many ways to organize your bookshelf, so make sure to pick the right way, one that you like, and fits the look of your room.

Have fun decorating!

Image: Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash


4 thoughts on “6 Fun Ways to Sort Out Your Bookshelf

  1. I use a mix of #4 and #5. The ‘genres’ are by my own definition and how I feel towards the books (ex. I have a favourite authors shelf). It is fun to think about mixing it up sometimes and organizing by colour, but I am attached to the system I currently use 😛

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  2. When my boyfriend and I moved in together he sorted my books by colour (with my permission of course!). At first I thought it just looked good, but I’ve come to realise I have a very visual memory, I remember books by their colour, so it actually works really well for me!

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    • That’s great that sorting books by colour works for you! It must be so much easier to find books if you can memorize them by their colour, and it also looks really organized on shelves 🙂

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