The 6 Steps to Starting and Keeping Good Habits

We all have those days where we feel too tired to do our daily chores, to work, to exercise.

However much we hate to admit it, keeping up these habits is actually really important to our overall health.

Keep reading to learn the steps to keeping up good habits!

1. Start Small.

When beginning a healthy habit that you want to keep up in the long run, you might want to jump right in and start doing the rough work immediately.

However, if you’re planning on doing this every day, sometimes you can get demotivated or bored even after just a little while.

My best advice for keeping healthy habits is to start with something small, and work your way up.

If you want to exercise more, start with a small ten minute workout every day, and slowly work your way up to twenty minutes, thirty minutes, and so on.

You know you can do it if you try, but it’s better for your body and mind to take it slow and get used to this new routine before it gets hard.

2. Create a Schedule.

Most people love creating schedules, so hopefully this is a fun part of the process for you!

Create a daily, weekly, or monthly list of what you’re going to do each day. I like to include time frames into my schedule for how long a task will take, but this option is up to you!

A great idea is to hang it up in your office, bedroom, or any place in your house that you visit the most. If you see it every day, you’ll be reminded of what your goal is!

Decorating this schedule is a fun idea, too! Make it motivating by adding quotes, using different coloured pens, or just make it into something that will keep you smiling.

3. Have a Vision.

When I say ‘have a vision’, I mean that you should have a clear idea of where you want to be in a week, or a month, or maybe even a year.

Write down where you want to be after doing this habit for a certain amount of time, and what your goal is.

Ways you can express your vision are by writing about it, drawing a picture, or even creating a vision board!

4. Get Started.

Now it’s your first day of starting this routine. You’ve woken up early to get a head start, and are excited to see how this habit will help with your mental and physical health.

However, after doing this for a couple of days, it starts to seem less simple than you once thought.

Whenever you want to give up, remember your goal and vision, and tell yourself that you’ll thank yourself for starting this routine in a month.

I know that this is the case with me, where I’ve always had trouble keeping up an exercise routine. However, lately I’ve been starting to find fun ways to do it, which leads us to the next task.

5. Change it to Your Preferences.

If you’re not enjoying how your routine is set up, then the best solution is to find a way to make it more entertaining and fitting for you.

If you’ve been going on the treadmill every day, but have realized that doing this is boring, then either find a way to make this more fun, like listening to podcasts or music, or change the tasks altogether and start jogging around your neighborhood instead!

If you realize you have more short-term concentration than long-term, and it’s difficult for you to concentrate on finishing work or chores over a long period of time, then start doing them in short intervals.

Finding and fixing your weak spots will make your habits stronger and more likely to stay in the long run.

6. Celebrate!

After setting and completing a goal, be sure to celebrate! Do something fun that feels like a reward for reaching your vision.

However, this isn’t the end. If you finish doing the task just because you’ve reached your goal, then how are you going to keep yourself where you stopped?

Keeping up habits can be hard and frustrating at times, but remember to keep your eyes on the prize, and you’ll be proud of yourself when you hit your goal.


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