9 Easy Ways to End Writer’s Block Once and for All

Writer’s block has probably affected all bloggers at some point. Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we just can’t think of something creative to write about.

I’ve struggled with this a lot too, especially recently, and am going to share with you some of the tricks I use to think of new ideas!

1. Explore Other Blogs

A great way to find inspiration is to look through some of your favourite blogger’s posts and see if they can give you any inspiration. Try to find blogs within your niche!

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t steal another blogger’s work, but can always use their idea and turn it into something unique to you.

2. Find Your Most Creative Time of Day

Everyone has a certain time of the day when they feel most active, and when their mind is flowing with ideas.

For example, I get the most ideas late at night. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have started this blog if I hadn’t stayed up an extra half hour the day before, since at the time I was brainstorming ways that I could share my passion.

Take advantage of this time and brainstorm as many ideas as you can, no matter how random or silly. You might be able to use them later!

3. Keep a Journal

Another simple tip is to keep a journal on your desk that’s dedicated to blog ideas.

Write all of your ideas, as well as the goals you want to achieve with your blog.

Inspiration can come at the strangest moments, so it’s best to be prepared to write them down!

4. Go on a Walk

Taking a break and smelling the fresh air is a good way to clear your mind, as well as a way to exercise.

Walk to the park, the beach, around the block, or anywhere that makes you happy. Don’t forget to bring your journal with you!

5. Ask a Friend

If you have friends who read your blog, they might have some ideas of other things you can write!

You could also ask your audience and other bloggers to give some ideas and pointers.

6. Change Your Workspace

If you work in the same spot every day, chances are that it can get a little boring at times. Try to change things up by going to a coffee shop, a park, or simply moving to another room.

Being in the same spot can feel uninspiring, and you’ll most likely have an easier time thinking of ideas if you change your routine every once in a while.

7. Go Outside of Your Niche

If you’re running out of ideas of things to write for your niche, try expanding your blog’s topics.

My blog initially used to just be about books, but I realized that books aren’t the only things I like writing about. I also enjoy inspiring and motivating others!

Your blog is unique, and should be a place where you can be creative and have fun, so don’t let a specific niche restrict you if you’re running out of ideas, even if only once in a while.

7. Exercise for Energy

Exercising is a great time to try coming up with ideas. Blood is flowing through your body, and you have less distractions than when you sit at your computer.

You can also try coming up with ideas after exercising. You’ll feel more energetic and awake, and your brain will be more focused and creative.

8. Relax Your Mind

Sometimes we just need to relax our mind.

Having a shower, watching a TV show or movie, playing a game, or just lying down on your bed. These are all different ways to relax.

Without having to concentrate on anything particular, your mind can wander and have time to think, which will make it easier to produce new ideas.

9. Spend Time With Yourself

Go somewhere or do something fun. Write in a journal about your deepest thoughts. Work on trying to understand yourself, your goals, and what makes you happy.

Get to know yourself, so that you can discover what you like, and also what you enjoy writing about.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash


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