Hi! My name is Elli, and I’m the blogger of NeedtoRead. Blogging is a new experience for me, and I’m excited to join this community!

Why did I decide to start a blog?

I’ve always been a fan of writing and reading, and have been wanting to do more in this field. I was researching ways to do this, and then I came across blogging, so here I am! I thought that this might be a fun idea since I get to do something I love – reviewing and writing about books – along with connecting to a community of people who have similar interests to mine.

What is this blog about?

Don’t we all just love finding that perfect book, where the characters, settings, and plots make you keep turning the pages? Sometimes it can be difficult to find another story that captures your interest. Here, I’ll be posting reviews and lists on my favorite (and maybe not so favorite) stories, and hopefully, my posts will help you to find a new book that you love!

Who is this blog for?

This blog is mostly targeted towards a teen and adult audience who enjoy reading and writing. If you would like to contribute, please comment on books that you would like me to review, or what you thought about a book that I reviewed. Subscribe to be notified when the next posts are published.

Thanks for reading!


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