32 Productive and Fun Things to Do During the COVID-19 Lock Down

By now, a lot of people seem to be running out of things to do during the COVID-19 lock down.

We’re all searching for more opportunities and ways to communicate and entertain ourselves, but eventually, doing similar things every day is bound to start getting boring.

We all need a way to stay engaged, so this list is full of ideas for you to get started on!

#1. Start/Finish a Book

Is your house full of half-read books, or ones that you haven’t even opened yet? Now’s the time to get through them, and enjoy every moment of the book without distractions of work or chores.

#2. Find a New TV Show

There are tons of bingeable TV Shows out there, and most surely some you haven’t started yet. Since most people are getting so much free time, it’s certainly worth starting a new series without that guilty binge-too-much feeling following you around!

#3. Write A Story

Let your creativity shine by putting the masterpiece story that’s been rattling around in your mind onto paper.

#4. Find A New Hobby

There are tons of new things for you to do that you might not have done yet. Anything from cooking to knitting, you choose!

#5. Take Fun Personality Tests

There are so many different personality tests to be found on the internet. They are a great way to have fun and also get to learn more about yourself.

#6. Sit Outside

Grab some coffee and go sit outside. Breathing in the morning air will make you more awake to be more productive throughout your day.

#7. Start a Blog

I highly recommend starting a blog if you haven’t, especially if you enjoy writing and want to share your opinions with the world. Having a blog will make you think more creatively and keep you busy, and you get to write about anything that makes you happy.

#8. Spend Time With Pets

Do you have a pet that’s begging for attention 24/7? Give them some love each day, and your relationship will grow overnight.

#9. Video Games

Video games are fun, entertaining, and interactive! They’re also great thing to keep your mind busy, and improve your concentration.

#10. Dance!

We all love to dance, don’t we? Listen to your favourite songs, and dance like nobody’s watching!

#11. Learn a New Skill

Do you want to learn a new skill? Now’s the time to start practicing!

#12. Start a Journal

Writing in a journal is a great way to vent your emotions and help you reflect on how you’re feeling. Writing in a journal even a couple of times a week will keep your thoughts from clouding your mind.

#13. Play a Board Game With Your Family

Break out your favourite game and spend time with your family!

#14. Make Plans for Next Year

Planning for next year or after quarantine will keep you organized and prepared for what you want your soon future to look like.

#15. Consider Your Goals

Think about who you want to be and what you want to do. What are your goals for the future? You can always still find ways to reach them, even if it’s from home.

#16. Paint Something

Painting is a great way to relax and give you a new perspective of the world around you. I highly recommend this as a way to relax and think.

#17. Find a Podcast

Podcasts keep us entertained while also educating us, and finding one that you’re interested in will make you think deeper about a topic.

#18. Make Presents for Your Loved Ones

It would be so fun to make presents for your loved ones for when you see them again! Find things to make or give to them, and I’m sure it will make their day.

#19. Put Your Crafting Skills to Use

Come up with an idea or craft that you can sell to earn some extra money, while staying entertained and productive.

#20. A New Health Plan

Are you just waiting for the perfect moment to start that diet? Have you been stalling when trying to change your habits?

Now’s the perfect time to be productive and create a new health plan!

The best way to begin a health plan is to start off slow. All you need to do is take the first step, and then keep going until you’ve finally made it a habit!

#21. Create an Exercise Routine

Most people are either enjoying their time off right now or are bored out of their minds. Either way, your health is extremely important, especially in times like these.

We can’t go to the gym anymore, meet up with friends, or go on hikes, but we still need to find ways to exercise.

If you aren’t used to having an exercise routine, I recommend writing a schedule right now.

Some fun things you can do are use the equipment you have at home, find workout videos to follow online, and go for a run around your neighborhood (be sure to social distance if you do this)!

#22. Learn New Ways to Be Grateful

Each of us have things that we should be thankful for.

Even if it’s simple things, like that show you watched the other day, or something bigger like being with your family at this time, we should all recognize this and be grateful that we still have these things during this lock down.

#23. Spring Clean Your House

It’s spring now, can you believe it? This year has been flying by really fast, and now it’s time to do your yearly spring cleaning!

Cleaning your room and house can be tricky at first, but as soon as you start listening to your favourite songs or podcasts and get started, you’ll finish in no time!

#24. Bubble Bath

We all need a time to relax and keep our calm, so why not take a bubble bath?

#25. Smile!

This pandemic can take a toll on our happiness, so let’s try to fight back by smiling and being happy!

#26. Strengthen Your Mind

Riddles, puzzles, tests, you name it!

Download a brain workout app, work on the rubix cube you own, or start that crossword book; the choice is yours. Let’s all keep our brains active, so that when the pandemic is mostly over, we can come back focused and ready to work again.

#27. Get Some Work Done

Do you work from home? Do you have online school? A project that you’ve never finished? Let’s end the procrastination and finish what we need to do!

#28. Be an Entrepreneur

Now’s a great time to act on starting your idea for a business. You can start a blog or website, or work on your idea while you have the free time.

#29. Change Your Routine

Feeling bored? Do something a little differently each day. Spice your day up a bit by trying something new or changing your routine!

#30. Learn Something New Every Day

A thing I’ve been doing a lot lately is making sure that I learn something new and interesting each day.

You could do this by looking up random facts, or searching for the answer to a question of yours. Curiosity and creativity are the recipe for success.

#31. Join the Online Community

There are many different online communities that you can join, and most of them are very welcoming.

There are communities for everything you’re interested in, so you can talk to others about what you love and hear about other peoples’ lives from all over the world!

#32. Video Chat or Call Friends and Family Members

We need to make sure we keep talking to others, even if it can’t be in person.

Make sure to frequently contact the people you care about so that you’ll know what’s going on in each other’s lives, and won’t feel out-of-touch.

Remember to wash your hands, social distance, and be safe!

Image: Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “32 Productive and Fun Things to Do During the COVID-19 Lock Down

  1. Some great ideas here! I think I’ve probably tried nearly half of these, but the main ones that stick out for me are reading and exercise – I’m getting through so many books so far this year! I’ve found ebooks a really great alternative to just scrolling through Twitter endlessly. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to do more indoor workouts too, and am actually seeing results, so that’s very satisfying. Small joys and simple pleasures are important right now, so thanks for these suggestions!

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